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Mostly Un-Polished Thoughts

With occasional polished ones thrown in for variety

22 July 1974
Recovering medievalist, feminist (not recovering but lifelong, I hope), and librarian. My life is full of books - I spent several years in graduate school soaking up literature and literary theory, then worked for three years at a really good independent bookstore in Chicago, and now I'm an academic librarian who can't stop reading YA lit.

I grew up in a small farming town in Montana, and am lucky in my family, who are kind and funny and loveable, even if they never did give me my pony. I'm not a city girl at heart - too shy and awkward and proud at the wrong moments - but while I don't like crowds, I do like people. Mostly, anyway. Well, sometimes. Two of the main pleasures in my life are snow and stories.

In August of 2008 I gave birth to a beautiful little boy who died the next day due to complications from a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. I'm still coming to terms with that and probably always will be; I don't think grief is ever comfortable, but I've grown accustomed to carrying mine around with me.

I share my life with a philosopher sweetie, two cats, and a rather wonderful little girl, so I never have to look far for the definition of an ancient Greek word or for in-house entertainment.